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El videbilis cum morluum. He stands one foot upon each side of an omate double fountain, which overflows like a fountain. His buckler is coloured in sequence black, white, yellow, red, black. And 7 stars encircle his head.

Peacock, birds, flowers Emblem 4. Lunar Queen and Solar King. The Queen with scroll inscribed Lac viramium in white standing on a ball with a face. Above her is a Moon. She faces a King with scroll Minsimelium? Coagula , scepter and wearing red and ermine robes. He stands under a Sun, and in a fire. Below a frieze showing scenes of armies, a king visiting a philosopher in a barrel Diogenes?

Emblem 5.

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Digging the Ore. Two miners dig into a small hill with pick-axes. In a lake nearby floats a crescent Moon. A different framing like a gilt mirror. Below a king and queen in a court scene. Emblem 6. The Tree. Two philosophers talk under a tree which has a number of black and white birds flying from it. The largest pecks at the crown of the tree. A man is climbing a ladder propped against the tree which grows from a golden crown around its trunk.

The Dying drowning King. A Queen in yellow robes and ermine, with scepter and orb, stands beside a lake. A white bird perches on the orb. Behind him is the sun, and above her is a golden star. In a lake a king in yellow is seen to be drowning or possibly wading Below are two mythological scenes, with man with club Hercules?

Emblem 8. The Angel and the dark Man. A crowned and white winged angel with a six-pointed star shining above her head.

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She holds out a red cloak to a dark naked man who is emerging from a swamp. One arm is red, the other white.

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The Hermaphrodite. A winged hermaphrodite in a black formal jacket holding an egg is its left hand, and a mirror in its right. Its right wing is red, its left is white. Birds and plants Emblem Dismembering the Body. A bearded man in armour with a sword has dismembered another man's naked body on the ground before him. The head is nowhere to be seen, instead he holds a solar mask in his left hand. In the background is an open sided Renaissance binliliDg. Preiiahly set in Venice. Two Classical vignettes Emblem A naked bearded man with a white bird perched on his head, is being cooked in water heated by a fire which is tended by an assistant with bellows, in an omate Renaissance courtyard.

A small flask is nearby. Plants, birds and a bee 74 E. Emblem In a bleak wintry landscape with dead trees, a dark Sun sets half behind a hill. See Emblem Butterflies, caterpillars, snails, birds, frog, dragonfly Emblem An indoor scene with 7 naked and 3 dressed children at play with a hobby horse and cushion, watched by 2 adults. Birds, plants, butterflies, dragonfly, strawberries, snail Emblem A village scene with a number of women doing the clothes washing by a stream, sheets hung up, and laid out to dry on the grass.

Birds, flowers Emblem A tired but radiant Sun setting above the horizon in the countryside. It is winter. City in background. Birds and flowers I 13 Emblem Within a crowned flask now again with sealed top, a King stands on an upturned lunar crescent, with an orb and scepter in hand, bathed in a golden glow. Chariot of the Moon holding a Luna crescent drawn by 2 girls.

Lunar occupations: traveling, hawking, shooting, fishing s 12 Emblem Within a crowned flask now with open top, a white crowned bare-breasted Queen stands holding an orb and sceptre within a golden egg shaped glow. Chariot of Mercury with caduceus wand and sickle!

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Mercurial occupations: masons, gWKtuphcn, scholars, musicians 14 Emblem Within a crowned flask now sealed and not heated, a peacock displays its tail. Venusian occupations: lovers, drinking and eating, playing music, re ad mg, cjr. Within a crowned flask now sealed and not heated is a three headed green winged dragon. Its heads are white, red and black.

Chariot of the Sun with crown drawn by 2 horses. Solar occupations: dueling, disputing, wrestling 27 Emblem A crowned flask with sealed top supported upon a red wreath. Within it is a crowned three headed bird, with wings outspread. Martial occupations: soldiers, burning house, battle, the slain. A crowned flask with sealed top supported upon a green wreath. Within this three birds red, white and black who are fighting or are following each other in cyclic succession. Chariot of Jupiter with thunderbolts drawn by 2 peacocks. A crowned flask with open top is heated upon flames, containing a naked child who pours liquid down the throat, and uses a pair of bellows on a winged dragon.

Saturnian occupations: beggar, merchant, man drawing water, parchment preparation, pig castration, ploughing and a hanging 75 E. Book of Lambspring Emblems. A coat of arms displaying a lamb surmounted by a helmet, surrounded by green plumes and surmounted by a second lamb. A wand carrying Philosopher stands beside a flag surmounted furnace. He wears the image of a black double headed He has and eiigle handled sword. A boat draws near. At the foot of the tree is a snail. His feet rest upon the dragon from Emblem 2.

In the background is a river and town. The salamander has a line of stars along its back. They all hold hands. Mountains behind. He holds the young prince affectionately. The winged, bearded and crowned angel gestures towards the other two. Outside a heavy rain falls. On his right is the young prince in armour holding a scepter. On his left, the venerable bearded king holds an orb in his right and a sceptre in his left hand.

Emblems and Alchemy Key E A hated and robed King with scepter talks with a Queen holding a rose with 3 flowers and a peacock feather. In front of the King a fox jumps over a crucible placed on a fire.

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In front of the Queen, the figure of Death, an old man with a scythe and crippled leg, straddles a fire with crucible. A winged Mercury with winged feet stands holding a caduceus in each hand is attacked by two men. To his right is a man with a sword wrapped in a serpent, and to his left a man with a sword, with a bird perched upon its point. Either side of Mercury is a Sun and a Moon at the level of his thighs. In front of Mercury is a large pair of detached wings. A winged dragon with curled tail and pointed tongue faces left, with rugged mountains and a castle in the background.

Behind a fox runs off with a hen in its mouth. A cockerel attacks it. On the left a candle bums, while on the right is a tree dies.

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A crowned woman with a heart and seven-blossomed rose stands by a furnace. She is connected with flask on the furnace. Beside the woman stands an alchemist with flaming head and mouth, and bellows.